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Pioneer of Meme Mashup Videos, Dipraj Jadhav speaks about his career, life and more

The journey of being a content creator is complex: Digital Star Dipraj Jadhav

Popularly recognized as the pioneer of Meme Mashup Videos, Dipraj Jadhav has a stellar record of producing content that owns the internet for days to come. His content is an incredible blend of visual clips from pop culture references with popular tunes that often create a humorous impact with a contrasting feature. His recent edit, called Garmi Mashup, had impeccably illustrated Nora Fatehi’s dance moves to be inspired by Govinda’s popular dance moves from the early 90s and received a wide appreciation from Bollywood itself.

He is also credited with some of the most massively loved mashup videos of the year including Justin Tiwari, an amazing crossover between Justin Beiber, a popular music icon in the West and Manoj Tiwari, another iconic singer, and actor from the Bhojpuri film industry. Needless to say, Dipraj is someone to watch out for in the digital content scenario.

In a candid chat with IWMBuzz, Dipraj Jadhav speaks about his career, life and more…

How does it feel to be a digital star?

Honestly, starting from scratch, this has taken immense hard work to shape my content as perceived by my audience now. It feels good that people appreciate my work and I’m just striving to get better every time. Becoming a digital star is one thing and striving to sustain by keeping the audiences engaged is another. I believe in the latter.

How did you start your journey?

I had always been fascinated with the entertainment industry ever since childhood. I knew I wanted to work there someday, I did my animation and edit course, here in Mumbai got to work with some great people around, that’s how it all began.

What keeps you motivated in life?

I watch my own content to get ideas, if I could get more creative, it really helps me. Apart from that, I am always committed to keep going with my instincts. The journey of being a content creator is complex and it’s important that you focus on your ideas and keep the fire on.

The journey of being a content creator is complex: Digital Star Dipraj Jadhav 1

How did you think about your content?

I just keep myself updated with what’s going around. I stream a lot of content online which gives me ideas for my own content. It’s a process, there goes a lot of visual consumption and edits to see what’s working before the final piece is uploaded.

How have you evolved as a star?

The people that I’ve worked with have been really supportive of my work. Back when I worked with AIB and Nucleya, people recognized my work, that’s how it motivated me to do more. It was all a process and life happened. I still don’t think I’m a star of some sort but yes, I’m enjoying the love I’ve gained so far.

What challenges have you faced in your journey?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced would be to make a difference in the perception of certain things amongst my audience. If I can bring about awareness, help them improve their quality of life, nothing like it. There are people who can get bizarre creative, and I don’t want to follow that trend just to gain traction. I just want to follow my own ideas, rest is taken care of.

Who has been your biggest support during your difficult times?

My friends and my followers have been my huge support. Whenever I need genuine feedback or if there’s something I feel confused about, it’s them who I go to without having to think twice.

Anyone you idolize in your domain?

I just try to improve myself with every content that I make. I admire a lot of creators who are doing their best to keep the audiences engaged but again, it differs creatively.

The journey of being a content creator is complex: Digital Star Dipraj Jadhav 2

Ever fancy working for television or movies… or the internet is your preferred choice of medium?

I have worked as an assistant editor for a few movies and again, edited quite a few projects for OTT platforms. I guess I’m going to collaborate with these production houses independently in the coming days. It’s not about a choice of a medium, it’s more about the content that’s being created. If there’s an interesting project that makes me excited, I’m going to do it no matter what’s the platform.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

I try to keep up with the ongoing trend, curious about what’s going around so that people can relate and enjoy. And then I go back to what was popular back in the day and create a fusion that only reminds people of what was hilarious back then and the similarity between the ongoing trends.

What kind of content do you love watching on digital?

I love binge-watching a lot of content online, many of them just picked randomly which turns out to be great a lot of times and I’m spell-bound by those creators. A lot of content on OTT platforms these days is experimenting with the fusion of different genres. It always perplexes me creatively and helps me churn out the creative best in me.

Any Final Message

Life is a mashup. You can only take so many flavours to create one hell of a life that is a blend of everything you ever wanted it to be.

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