Tik-Tok sensation Vishal Pandey from the ‘Teen Tigada’ family Vishal Pandey is certainly one of the most popular digital creators in the country at the moment. The trio of Vishal Pandey, Bhavin Bhanushali and Sameeksha Sud is well known for their hilarious videos and content. Vishal and Bhavin are set to release their new song together titled ‘Mera Bhai’ and when IWMBuzz got in an Instagram Live Chat with Vishal as to what he feels about the same, he said ad we quote,

“I am very happy that the song is coming. Bhavin and I are like brothers and hence the song is very special to both of us. However, I wish the song launch and the promotions happened how we had initially planned. The lockdown spoilt it all. I wish the song came when the lockdown wasn’t there. But, I hope that it gives people happiness during this difficult time.”

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