Mumbike Nikhil’s travel diaries include exotic locations from around the world and we want to book tickets RIGHT NOW!

Mumbiker Nikhil’s YouTube videos give us major wanderlust

There are some people who cannot be bogged down by a desk job and find that it’s not their cup of tea. They expect something else from their lives and want to take an unconventional route. For some, travel is the way of life and the appeal lies in exploring a new place every other day. One such person is Mumbiker Nikhil Sharma.

This below average student always had very little interest in studying and scored just enough to pass the senior secondary examinations. From there, he’s gone to accumulate a following of more than 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Mumbiker Nikhil.

Nikhil Sharma started his YouTube journey in 2012. Initially a moto-vlogger, it’s only since July 2013 that Nikhil started vlogging his travel. He started small – vlogging about Mumbai’s Marine Drive, Chor Bazaar, and Lamington Road and today, he’s vlogging his tales of travelling across New York, San Francisco, and Turkey!

His breakthrough video was the travelogue of his first solo trip to Leh and Ladakh. And in just six years, he’s become so successful that he has even introduced his own line of merchandise, Label MN.

Mumbiker Nikhil doesn’t just do touristy things when he travels to a new place. He documents all his experiences and let’s his audience know what they should expect when they are vacationing in a particular part of the world. And we frankly absolutely love his vlogs. YouTube is already full of travel videos that show the perfect sunsets and the extravagant breakfasts. Nikhil does all those things that an average Indian middle class person would do and he does that shamelessly.

His way of capturing the places that he visits makes us want to quit our jobs, 43splurge all our money in following his trail and exploring all these places!

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