Charlie Chauhan talks about working with Suyyash Rai in music video Beparwaahiyaan and being friends with Kaisi Yeh Yaarian co star Parth Samthaan

No matter what, I will always be Parth’s (Samthaan) friend: Charlie Chauhan

Charlie Chauhan is quite excited about her new music video Beparwaahiyaan along with singer/actor Suyyash Rai.

She shares with IndianWikiMedia: “Interestingly, we have just released part 2, next 3 will come out and finally part 1 will be released. This forward-backward style has been done so that the viewers understand the emotion behind the story.”

Although Charlie has no clue about how the web format works, she has faith on Suyyash. “I said yes for I know Suyyash since the past nine years and I was bowled over by three different songs (having the key word  Beparwaahiyaan in all three videos). It is quite challenging to work in 4-5 minute long  videos for you need to look cute, hot, romantic and cry as well in a short period of time.”

Looking ahead, Charlie, who began her career with Roadies, is also a part of singer Richa Sharma’s upcoming music video as well.  “For the moment, I am not interested in TV as I don’t get lead roles on the pretext that my features are too sharp for the demure lead. So now, I am looking at films, being part of music videos is a stepping stone towards the same,” says the lovely lady.

So can we see her in the next season of hit youth show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan? “Like I said above, I am not too gung-ho about doing supporting tracks anymore,  also the script is not clear so let’s wait and watch. The timeline is also not clear.”

On her good friend and Yaarian co-star Parth Samthaan she says, “ He is a sweet heart.  We go back a long way, having done BFF before KYY.  He is an oversensitive guy, not the hard person he claims to be. Things do get to him.  He also does not like too much drama in life hence stays away from social media as well.  The biggest issue with him he is still a child at heart and has not become practical as most TV actors. I will always be his friend no matter what, when I feel he is  wrong,  I call up him and we have fights as well.”

In closing, Charlie admits that her proximity to Parth did cost her professionally.  “Since two years, only he and I have not been working. People stopped approaching me.  But I have no regrets for I know him and we can’t go around explaining the real scene to everyone.”

Wish you more success Charlie.

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