One of the most famous actors on YouTube, Jitendra Kumar is the icon for the youth of India and is riding the fame waves with his sketches on The Viral Fever and outstanding performances in the digital space. This young lad has done some tremendous work and gained recognition for his roles as Munna Jazbaati, Jeetu, and as Arjun Kejriwal on the comedy sketch- The Viral Fever. An icon to the millennial generation, Kumar is as sassy, brilliant and yet modest, as they come.

With Kota Factory running so popular, no doubt fans have fallen in love with Jitendra Kumar’s Jeetu Bhaiya. A star riding out of YouTube channel The Viral Fever, here are some of his best performances.
We rank the top 5 best performances by Jitendra Kumar
•Permanent Roommates got Jitendra his recognition and he hit it out of the park with his role. TVF’s creative director Biswapati Sarkar wanted to try him out for the channel’s videos. Although unsure at first, Jitendra’s acting got him an overwhelming response and he became an instant favorite on the web.

•Famous for mimicry, Jitendra mimicked Arvind Kejriwal on TVF’s video Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party: Arnub Qtiyapa, gaining 6 million views and proving his mettle yet again.

•Munna Jazbaati went on to become another of his best performances, where he portrayed the role of a naive intern and won hearts with his exuberant acting chops.

•In Ek Thi Behen Kumar is seen as an amiable coworker and carries out the hilarious performance with complete grace and confidence.
We rank the top 5 best performances by Jitendra Kumar 1
•No doubt his best till date we feel is in Kota Factory: a teacher that every student wants. Kumar wins hearts with his acting and dialogue delivery, gaining fame and accolades all along.

He has become one of the most revered actors in a very short span and we hope he continues to dazzle the audience with his good work.