Maninee Mihir Mishra wants to challenge herself with more roles on the web space and talks about her strengths.

It is sad that big digital makers shy away from taking TV actors for big projects: Maninee Mihir Mishra

The glamorous Maninee Mihir Mishra will love to do effective roles on the web space after Romil and Jugal for ALTBalaji.

Talking about web series per se, Maninee, who first gained prominence as the dumb blonde Pari in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, says, “The best part is that it offers creatively-written, bound scripts, which don’t change due to the ratings game as on TV. And yes, we get to push the envelope. I was really happy to be part of Romil and Jugal, for it spoke about the gay community in a realistic manner.”

However, there is one fly in the digital ointment that does rankle with talented small-screen artists like Maninee. “It is sad that big digital makers still shy away from taking TV actors for their Netflix and Amazon Prime projects, and continue to prefer film actors. We TV actors are equally good; you need to give it to us that we always deliver against the clock. Having said that, I do agree that there are some TV artists who are unable to come out of the over-the-top zone that TV requires.”

She is also not ready to go dare-bare as seems to be the new web mantra. “I am a prude and am not comfortable doing a physical scene; that is my limitation. You have no idea about the amount of work that I have declined for similar reasons. But again, no regrets, for God has been kind in giving me lots of different genres to play with, over the course of the last so many years.”

“I agree that sex is a natural instinct, but does it have to be so in your face and blatant? Some guys have gone into virtual soft porn zone. Having said that, not all web products are sleazed up. I really like Mona Singh’s extra martial affair show, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain.”

Maninee, last seen in SAB TV’s Super Sisters, is in talks with a number of makers for few possible shows. “I am quite choosy. It not only needs to pay me well but also should be meaty enough.”

Next, Maninee would like to try her hand at the mytho genre with makers like Siddharth Kumar Tewary, “For, he does his homework.”

In closing, we ask her whether she would also like to dabble in the new daayan zone. “Well, again that would be a challenge, for you need to suspend your personal disbelief to do it with conviction. I have watched Gul Khan’s Nazar, and it really holds your attention.”

Best of luck for the next, Maninee!!



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