If society underplays the taboo related to sex, there might be less demand to view the same: Pitobash

Pitobash the ace film actor talks about his recent experience on the web space.

If society underplays the taboo related to sex, there might be less demand to view the same: Pitobash

Well-known film actor, Pitobash (Three Idiots fame, Junior 7), enjoyed his recent digital experience. He is part of the ZEE5 episodic show, Table No. 5.

“As the title suggests, all the action takes place in a limited space, and each story is unique and bizarre,” states the actor.

Talking about his story, Pitobash, who has been acting since 2009, says, “I always love complex plots. As you must be aware, this show is about people who sit on this table no 5. I am playing a suicide bomber, who is sitting among a film crew. The challenge was to portray a terrorist differently from how we have been seeing him for years.”

His last known films have been Begum Jahan and Mom, with Sridevi.

“The show traces the conflict between alternate reality and what is really true. The ending will force you to sit up and question society as well. So you can add satire to the genre as well,” he avers.

On web, this actor from Odisha says, “Digital has come as a huge wave in the recent past; it did not even exist until two or three years back.”

He blames the Indian hypocrisy towards sex as the main cause of overdose of lovemaking scenes on web shows. “If we have a population of 1.25 billion, it means we are having a lot of sex; yet we are loath to talk about it. Maybe, if we can accept sex as a natural process, this desire to see it will also reduce. ”

Pitobash has one major grouse against the film industry. “Why do we grade actors as leads and character actors? Technically, there is no such thing as a character artist. Even leads play characters, right?”

“Sadly, there is a great chasm between billing of lead and supporting cast. Even when you promote a film, you only talk about the lead actor or character. But things have started to change, as today, value of supporting cast is being given its due. The advent of good-performing concept-oriented, small budget films with ensemble cast is indicative of better days to come. Hope big budget films also start following the same template.”

Well-said, Pitobash!!


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