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It was a strong desire to foray into the web world with a content-driven show like Undekhi: Anchal Singh

Undekhi the Sony LIV series created by Applause Entertainment will soon be out with a bang!! And as the promos and teasers suggest, it is believed to be a very gripping series with true events being focused upon.

Co-produced by Sidharth Sengupta and directed by Ashish R Shukla, the series has been shot at breath-taking locales of Manali under trying weather conditions.

We at got an opportunity to talk to Anchal Singh who is gearing up for a big bang debut on the digital platform with Undekhi.

Anchal has done a huge number of TV commercials. She has been part of films Sri Siddharth Ganesha, Akarsha, Dhilluku Dhuddu, PunjKhaab etc.

In Undekhi, Anchal Singh plays the role of Teji Grewal who is extremely outspoken in her attitude. She is very honest and fearless and does not give it a second thought to protest and talk against what is immoral.

Anchal Singh says, “Undekhi has been shot really well. The story has been written so well that the layerings and how different tracks come together will be very much gripping to watch. It is a very interesting showcase of different true events. As you can see in the teasers, all of the incidents get interconnected in the narrative.”

“I have shot for about 450 ad films. I have got beautiful opportunities to work with Anurag Basu, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Hema Malini etc. I have done Punjab and Tamil films. I have been part of the International Cinema and now it is my turn to do web. So platform-wise all have been so different. I have learned from every experience of mine,” Anchal says.

“As an artist, irrespective of the platform, you need to give in your best. It does not make much of a difference to me. I know I have to put in my best. The digital platform is today coming up with some amazing content-driven stories and shows. It was my deep strong desire to foray into the web world and be able to be a part of a show that is content-driven. I wanted to do a role which challenges me and one which I am proud of. I am fortunate that Undekhi happened to me. Moreover, I have got a chance to collaborate with such veterans. Applause Entertainment has done amazing work. Edgestorm Productions under Sidharth Sengupta has been so splendid with his writing and production. Our Director Ashish Shukla made our characters look so strong. Marzi Sir our DOP, has captured the scenes so well. Also, I got a chance to work with Harsh Chhaya Sir who has so much of experience. Dibyendu Sir, Varun Badola Sir are all a book of knowledge and they were very happy sharing their experiences with us. So the takeaway from the series has been huge for me.”

On the USP of the series, Anchal quips, “As you have seen, there is a murder in the first teaser and there is one more in the next. So broadly speaking about it, Undekhi is the story of various crimes that have taken place. Somebody witnesses that, and how different people react to it and how the story goes forward is the crux.”

On her character, she elaborates, “My character Teji Grewal comes from a defence background. She is righteous and is unbiased in nature. During the course of the story, we see how her world changes and she discovers one by one the problems that she encounters and how she deals with them.”

It was a strong desire to foray into the web world with a content-driven show like Undekhi: Anchal Singh 1

Anchal is in talks for more work on the web platform. “I would love to do more work on the web. As an actor, we get subjects that are creatively satisfying on this platform. But with the lockdown phase on, there are a lot of discussions happening but nothing has materialized as of now. But yes, with the experience got in Undekhi, I will want to work on more projects that give me the pleasure of doing good work.”

Undekhi has been a huge experience for her and Anchal is really grateful for this series coming her way. “As an actor, I got a lot of chance to dig deep into my skills. When you closely work on the story, and with such great actors, there is a growth that takes place for life. If I talk about my character, she is very relatable and is very truthful. We have seen such people in our lives and we look up to them. When I was preparing for this character, I had to tap into the modern sensibilities of people to justify this character. For veterans, it is easier to come in and come out of a character. But I am learning and to prepare for Teji was tough, but was a great process for me.”

Last but not the least, Anchal credits the team for shooting under extremely tough weather conditions in Manali and coming out with the best. “We shot for a major chunk in Manali. The weather was snowing out there and we had to be a lot more flexible with our shoots. I also got a lot of time to travel around Manali and see the scenic beauty of the place.”

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Best of luck, Anchal!!

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