Let’s see if you are a true Technical Guruji Fan

Technical Guruji Fan? Test Your Trivia with This Quiz!

Gaurav Chaudhary aka Technical Guruji, the one-stop gadget specialist for the youth of the country has secured over 15million subscribers on YouTube. He generally reviews newly launched gadgets on his YouTube channel and his subscribers find it super helpful. Sources say that he earns around $12.8K – $204.8K monthly and $153.6K – $2.5M yearly.

Technical Guruji has more than 2000 videos on Youtube, each one of them has surpassed a million views already. The reason his fans love him because of his humble and down earth impressions onscreen, not just that guys love his styled beard and fashion do. But as of now, we spotted that there’s been a lot of hullabaloo of who is the truest fan of Technical Guruji, well to end the battle we are with a super tricky quiz game if you think you are the truest fan and don’t forget to let us know of your correct answers in the comments section below.

1. When did Technical Guruji start off his YouTube channel?

2. On which day does Guruji uploads interaction video?

3. What does Madhav Seth, the CEO of Realme India, have to say about Guruji?

4. Ok, this is an easy one, how does he introduce himself in the video?

5. What is the educational qualification of Technical Guruji?


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