Permanent roommates both seasons have been Indian web series which was created by the viral fever TVF and Biswapati Sarkar.

Throwback: Everything that made Mikesh from Permanent Roommates Internet's favourite boyfriend 1

The first season of the series was premiered on YouTube on 29th October 2014 and the second season streamed on TVF in 2016 February. The chosen date for the premiere was the 14th of February which is valentine’s day. The theme of the story revolves around a young couple Tanya and Mikesh who were sharing a long-distance relationship for 3 years and after that, they face the project of marriage.

Sumit Vyas played the character of Mikesh Chaudhary who was the long-distance boyfriend of Tanya residing in India. He returns to India from the United States of America to surprise her and ask her to marry him.

Tanya was initially reluctant to marry someone whom she barely knows and hence refuses but strikes a compromise with him with the option to move in together first.

The further consequences were fallout, conciliation and premarital pregnancy which ended both of them into planning their wedding coupled with unforeseen consequences.

This series and its viral content made Mikesh Chaudhary aka Sumeet Vyas’s favorite boyfriend on the internet. This creative experiment came out to be life Changer for Sumit as he won recognition as an actor of mettle.

Throwback: Everything that made Mikesh from Permanent Roommates Internet's favourite boyfriend

There were many adorable moments in the series where Mikesh proved to be a very understanding boyfriend for his headstrong girlfriend Tanya. Especially in the scene when Tanya’s premarital pregnancy surfaces.

The family wanted them to marry because of the news of her pregnancy but the audience was overwhelmed by the fact that Mikesh refuses to marry Tanya just because she was pregnant. He understood the stress of being pregnant and possibly not being ready for marriage. He admits that he wants to marry Tanya whenever she is ready to marry not under any compulsion.

TVF Mikesh was established as a new brand of masculinity. The progressive mindset and the maturity he portrayed in his character should be present in every modern Indian guy. He portrayed onscreen that men should not be shy away from emotion and can shed a few tears as and when needed. He treated Tanya equally like him and occasionally gets on her nerves too.

In the series, he accepted his father-in-law’s desire to marry again. This proves that he was an epitome of a very progressive younger generation of India. He suggested pulling at Dutch during his wedding and also makes for a pretty smooth wingman although he was meddling with his issues.

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