Bhuvan Bam aka BB Ki Vines is one of the colossal YouTubers of all time. He has impressed us with his back to back hit content and Videos. Moreover, we are obsessed with this ultra-unique fashionista and versatile YouTuber. And today, we are up with some of his best Instagram videos.


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A hearty appeal, Mere dil se aapke dil tak. Poora dekhna. Phaila dogey na? As the caption says, BB talks about a crucial moment and how he feels about his latest song, Heer Ranjha. We loved how beautifully and humbly he came up with this video for his fans, urging them to watch the video. No wonder, he is so adored by the youth of the country!


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When TiTu talked to the Transgender community and discussed their problems. This kind of gesture is whole-heartedly appreciated and applauded. The video not just does inform us about the transgender community but also their current plight in the country. Don’t forget to check it out.