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Unknown Facts About Technical Guruji Fame Gaurav Chaudhary’s Life

Technical Guruji is an extremely well-known YouTube channel in India. On the off chance that it comes to tech, the main name that strikes our mind, nowadays, is Technical Guruji. Based out of Dubai; and it focuses on gadget reviews, technology, tips and instructional videos about gadgets and talks about a wide range of gadgets beginning from cell phones, to smartwatches, to TVs, ISPs and even cryptocurrencies.

Gaurav Chaudhary, referred to Technical Guruji, is Dubai based YouTuber, media personality, business person and engineer. Chaudhary is striking for delivering YouTube videos concerning new technology in Hindi. This channel has picked up supporters instantly. His method of conveying content to the Indian crowd has made him well known among the majority.

The Technical Guruji channel has obtained practically over 15M subscribers on the platform. He started his Technical Guruji channel in October 2015, at first, he used to post about products and give advice to his viewers, how to use it. The channel developed rapidly, and in 2017 Chaudhary made a subsequent channel devoted to delivering content about his own life.

He studied C++ coding in the eleventh grade and learned at Kendriya Vidyalaya school. In 2012 he moved to Dubai to seek a degree in microelectronics at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. In Dubai, he got accreditation to work with security systems from the Dubai police, yet in addition, began a YouTube channel adjacent to his work.

Chaudhary’s Technical Guruji channel proceeded with its fast development. In September 2018, Technical Guruji was positioned as the 9th most subscribed YouTube channel. In November 2018, it was accounted, that Chaudhary was the first tech YouTuber acquire 13 million supporters.

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