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Unknown Facts About Be Younick Fame Nikunj Lotia’s Life

Nikunj Lotia also known as Be Younick, has wowed us with his sense of humour since he started off his YouTube channel. He named his channel “Be Younick” and the name has gotten decent praise for its subscribers. The YouTube channel has earned more than 3 million subscribers and counting, also when several media houses questioned him about his channel being underrated and should get more subscribers, Be Younick came out with a standing ovation reply, “See there is no answer to why. Because if I knew things differently or if I knew “why” then it would have changed. I have this ethic that yeh cheez Nahi Karna hai and yeh cheez se jaldi mil Sakta hai. But then late milega toh bhi chalega but then…It should be lasting. Now I remember like back in those days when I used to watch certain content I used to feel terrible because such kind of content is working but I am like putting my heart out to give original content, give unique content, give content that has not been seen ever and I am working so hard and people are simply copying, doing some shady thing and “click big” things that will give them views. But now if I look back, those people are not being seen anywhere, and I AM.”

Today we are up with some of the unknown facts about Nikunj Lotia that would inspire you:

1. He at first, didn’t upload the video because his closed ones told him not to!

2. He worked as a bartender to pay his bills as he was completely broke.

3. He believes in quality over quantity.

4. He loves chai!

5. He represented India as the only digital creator at Vidcon 2019 US


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