Actor Tanuj Virwani has his hands full with four forthcoming digital serials. Prominent among them is Tandoor on Ullu. The serial is a chilling chronicle of killer Sushil Sharma’s pre-planned slaying of his wife and then dumping her body parts into a tandoor.

Playing this heinous killer shook Tanuj. “He was a real monster, And playing him made me realize the depths of depravity that human beings can fall to.”

The experience left Tanuj permanently scarred. “I didn’t get to meet Sushil Sharma. But I read books on his crime. He was a real monster. I would never want to run into him.”

Tanuj will be seen in several web serials in 2021. “In Kamathipura I play the main antagonist. I play a drug kingpin and the chief pimp of the redlight area. Then there is Cartel which is about the property and lands mafia in Mumbai. I play the head of Mumbai’s most powerful criminal family.”

Tanuj also returns in the third season of Inside Edge where he plays Vayu Raghavan. “We will see the continuation of my character’s journey. There is no shortage of surprises in life as well as in art.”

Tanuj feels life and show business would have to move on in 2021 in spite of Covid. “Things are slowly getting back on the right track again. But the work process is slower owing to the pandemic. Have to constantly be careful. But the show must go on. We can’t just sit at home forever.”