Are you a Be Younick fan, then don’t forget to answer the questions

Be Younick Fan? Test Your Trivia with This Quiz!

Nikunj Lotia aka Be Younick, one of the popular YouTubers in the country, who usually makes comedy videos. He has caught collaborating with other well-known YouTubers as well, like Ashish Chanchlani, Mostly Sane and others. Nikunj has earned more than 3million subscribers on YouTube. He is extremely talented and owns a very witty sense of humour.

Nikunj’s simplicity and humble replies have always won our hearts. In a recent interview when Nikunj was told that his channel is underrated and deserves more views, he proclaimed, “See there is no answer to why. Because if I knew things differently or if I knew “why” then it would have changed. I have this ethic that yeh cheez Nahi Karna hai and yeh cheez se jaldi mil Sakta hai. But then late milega toh bhi chalega but then…It should be lasting. Now I remember like back in those days when I used to watch certain content I used to feel terrible because such kind of content is working but I am like putting my heart out to give original content, give unique content, give content that has not been seen ever and I am working so hard and people are simply copying, doing some shady thing and “click big” things that will give them views. But now if I look back, those people are not being seen anywhere, and I AM.”. Now, that’s what we call inspiring!

With Nikunj’s gradual fame and popularity, he has earned a huge fanbase to date, but to its obvious, we have come across several online battles of his fans claiming that they are biggest Nikunj fan, that’s that, we came up with this tricky quiz for you guys, that would give you the chance to prove that you are the truest and the biggest fan of Be Younick!

Let us know of the answers in the comments below-

1. When did Be Younick start off his YouTube journey?

2. What was his job profile before he became a YouTuber?

3. Where did he represent India as the only digital creator?

4. Which was his first YouTube video?

5. What are some of the comedy segments Be Younick grew up watching?

Remember, no cheating!

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