Review: The Punisher on Netflix

The Punisher keeps you engaged and enthralled

Review: The Punisher on Netflix

If you like hardcore action and thrills then do check out Netlfix’s new drama The Punisher which went live last week.  It traces the life of ex marine Frank (Jon Bernthal) who would do the cleaning up of the bad guys. However, things turn sour and he is supposedly bumped off himself yet he survives hiding in the mean inner streets of the Big Apple.

The fun starts when he leaves behind large a number of body bags in an attempt to save a young man’s life who made the cardinal mistake of being a part of the plot to steal mob money.   There is one female agent Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah) who needs him to clear up burden on her conscious. What is it? Well, one Afghan cop gets killed while trying to expose US marines selling drugs in Kandahar.

Like all thrillers, Frank is also full of anger and frustration, in his case at having lost his family (wife was shot dead in front of his   eyes).  His consistent use of the hammer is good creative way of depicting him of not being able to come to terms with his above loss. It is always one man against the system.

It is indeed laudable of Jon to bring in necessary body transformation to look his part as a young boy (flashback sequence).

Dinah is smart, she knows that she needs to tread carefully lest she gets left holding the sack and it won’t be pretty.  Her boss clearly tells her red lines.   She works with a deputy who knows how to play the system.  It is fun to see how spooks cross red lines, there is no right or wrong in the job which is to just get your man.

After watching The Punisher, one can also justify our own desi heroes who kill ten bad guys at one go without a scratch.  Agreed the guy is trained, yet how can one face automatic gunfire without wearing bullet proof vests?

This web series is a continuation of the franchise (comics, tv series and film) by the same name.  Those who have followed the above will easily connect with new series as the basic theme is intact.

The cat and mouse game which Franks plays with Micro is fun to watch.

The screenplay is taunt and you want to figure out along with    Frank as to what went wrong and in the process, bodies keep piling up.  Cinematography is fastidious, easy and really blends in with the dark narrative.  The music blends beautifully with the storyline.

Americans seem to be big believers in conspiracy theories,   no wonder most of their plots talk about inside moles.  And how  the system does not care for the vets who put their lives  on the line during repeated  tours of  Iraq and Afghanistan.  With few of them coming back to States and getting killed in random crazy acts.

The best part is that you don’t know who the bad guy really is till the last episode and this is what makes us binge the entire series.

The Punisher deserves 4 out of 5 stars.

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