Review of VIU Original’s It Happened in Hong Kong: Impressive in patches, but worth exploring.. | IWMBuzz reviews Viu India’s It Happened in Hong Kong

Review of VIU Original’s It Happened in Hong Kong: Impressive in patches, but worth exploring..

VIU Original’s 4-episode web-series, It Happened in Hong Kong, sets us on a great exploring mission!!

Starting from the landscape, to the yummy food courts and the market places in Hong Kong, it literally feels as though we have been transported to the fabulous place, Hong Kong.

The opening scene, which covers the best of Hong Kong, creates keen interest in the vivacious city and also in the story line that will be spread out, with Hong Kong being the premise.

The pace is set with the eye-catchy scene wherein Aahana Kumra and Amol Parashar get into the same taxi, only to end up sharing it, to reach their destinations. The time in the taxi kickstarts a cute journey, and we have them both smiling and shaking hands, introducing themselves.

Within seconds, we get to learn of Aahana writing a travel book, after gulping down the sorrow of being laid off from work. Also in quick time, we have them both sharing a table at a coffee hub, a destination they reach, to know more about Amol’s ‘complicated’ life. The man is living the dream of his dead father after putting aside his posh pilot job. We are also given to understand about Aahana running away from her marriage, after having known her man for more than 7 years, only to have a sudden realization that something is amiss between them!! So the nutshell of all the chat is that both Amol and Aahana feel sad with each other’s sad stories. But they move on quickly, and decide to explore Hong Kong together!!

So yes, Hong Kong here we come…..So far so good!!

Alas!! The momentum that picked up in the first episode drops considerably in the second, and the narrative fails to take the story ahead. All we get to see are beautiful landscapes yet again, which, after a point, create restlessness, with the story moving nowhere.

The third episode too goes dull and slow-paced till the point where the two of them get high on drink. Excitement is back again, the moment they reach Amol’s place of stay. The call that brings Aahana to her senses gets us back again on our seats, eager to know what’s happening!!

The fourth and final episode is again interesting, with the two of them getting into a confrontation. Must say, a terrific one!! With emotions running high, both the characters remain justified in that sequence. And all gives way with Aahana walking out, and Amol’s face expressions and tears saying it all!!

Cut to a year later, and we are back to seeing the smiling faces of Amol and Aahana… a perfect example of them getting wiser with time!! Their conversations, pauses while talking, expressions, and the story taking a move ahead to them becoming probable business partners, come as a cleanly carved arc in the story line.

Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra are quite expressive throughout the story. While Amol wins by being subtle in his expressions, Aahana is so full of it. We laugh along with her, and she’s full of joy, even though she has run out of her marriage. Have to give it to Amol for his expressions in the scene where Aahana flares at him for not revealing that he’s in a relationship. The only scene where he yells back at her stunned us.

The best scene of the series, for us, has to be the surprise birthday party!! Thrown out of nowhere, the scene and ambience creates sheer magic.

Overall, a good watch!! The first and last episodes really make an impact, but the same cannot be said about the intermediate ones.

Kudos to the Director, Lakshya Raj Anand, for captivating viewers with the fabulous and visually rich Hong Kong!! The music is catchy, especially the number ‘Aao Mere Sang Chalo’.

We at rate VIU Originals’ It Happened in Hong Kong with 3 out of 5 stars.

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