Amazon Prime intends to hustle and finish all pending work to stream Mirzapur 2

Amazon Prime puts August deadline to stream Mirzapur season 2?

Probably one of the most awaited shows in Indian web entertainment space, Mirzapur 2 promises to be a riveting affair.

However, ardent fans of the show have been wondering when will season 2 finally hit the screens.

Well, we sought information from our industry sources and this is what we learnt.

“The shoot is complete, the lockdown delayed post-production work. However, with new filming of other shows almost on halt, Amazon Prime wants Mirzapur to beam at the earliest.”

So what does ‘earliest’ mean?

As per our information, Amazon Prime has set August end (2020) as the deadline to ready Mirzapur 2 for airing.

“Excel Entertainment, the makers, have been asked to ramp up hands & legs to ensure completion,” adds the source.

We hope we indeed get to see Mirzapur season 2 soon.

Amazon Prime spokesperson did not comment on the development.

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