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Barun Sobti the popular actor has turned Writer and will also play the lead in Tanveer Bookwala’s upcoming web film.

Barun Sobti to write and star in Tanveer Bookwala’s web film

Barun Sobti who will star in Tanveer Bookwala’s upcoming series Asura for Voot, has bagged the lead role in an exciting web original film.

Barun as we know was seen in Ding Entertainment’s successful series The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family.

And the news that we have received now is that Barun will shoot for Tanveer’s web film which will go on floor soon.

The most interesting part is that Barun has written the concept of this web film.

Yes, you heard it right!!

Barun is a prolific actor and his writing has its own class, we hear. The series will be an emotional thriller, with plenty of twists and turns set in the hills of Mussoorie. The series will stream on a leading international web platform is what we hear.

We buzzed Barun Sobti but could not get through to him.

When we buzzed Tanveer Bookwala the Producer of the series, he sent us a message saying, “Barun is pretty much our in-house star. And if I have my way, he will be in everything we make. When he came to us with this idea, I was blown away. And I instantly commissioned the writing. Now we are looking to attach a female lead to this. It will be directed by a renowned advertising director for an international platform. This is a unique love story and an emotional thriller. We have not seen something like this. And I am sure it will be a sucker punch of a narrative.”


This truly seems to be one stunning script which Barun Sobti will be part of!!

Three cheers to the new Writer in him!!

We buzzed Barun but could not get through to him.

Watch this space at for updates.

Later, Barun replied to us saying, “Collaborating with Tanveer is always amazing. After TGIDF and Asura, this film is a unique love story. It’s an emotional thriller. When I came up with the idea I could think of nobody better than Tanveer to vibe on the sensibilities of the script. This will be very new for my friends and fans.”

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