Big News: Prince-Yuvika, Charlie Chauhan, Niti Taylor, Surbhi Chandna, Paras-Mahira, Himanshi Khurana, Vivek Dahiya join HiPi | IWMBuzz

It’s raining stars on ZEE5’s HiPi as best of digital and reality TV talent join the platform…read for more details

Big News: Prince-Yuvika, Charlie Chauhan, Niti Taylor,  Surbhi Chandna, Paras-Mahira, Himanshi Khurana, Vivek Dahiya join HiPi

Some exclusive buzzing news coming in from the stables of HiPi.

ZEE5’s innovative platform called ‘HiPi’ has been roaring since its launch and IWMBuzz editorial team has learnt that some of the biggest of stars with an immense fan following have joined the platform.

Wonderful indeed!!!

However, before we talk more about it, we must state that HiPi is a place where users can create exciting content and publish their videos in their own style. HiPi allows users to create short videos of up to 90 seconds and add music tracks, filters and other visual effects. There are hundreds of cool filters and effects that users can add to their videos and then publish them on the platform.

ZEE5’s HiPi is a fun place where users can uninhibitedly and unapologetically be themselves without fear of being judged, take part in fun challenges, and co-create videos with some of the most popular comedians, content creators and celebrities. All of this makes HiPi the ultimate platform for any content creator.

Talking more about the HiPi starry affair, we are here to share that that platform is turning heads with the likes of Prince-Yuvika, Charlie Chauhan, Surbhi Chandna, Paras and Mahira and others joining the platform.

They are some of the most popular and beloved couples in the entertainment industry who are making their debut on ZEE5’s HiPi.

Over the last few weeks, HiPi has seen massive growth in terms of the number of users that are joining the platform and now not only TV celebrities but also social media stars are joining the app.

Some of the names joining are Prince and Yuvika, who are one of the most loved couples on social media. Following them are Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar, and Paras and Mahira. Other names include Vivek Dahiya, Charlie Chauhan, Surbhi Chandna, Niti Taylor, Annicka Shyrinn, Himanshi Khurana, the DJ Aerreo, Tarun Kinra and Ritika Bidani, among others.

Impressive!!! So what will they do on HiPi? We have the answer.

Each celebrity will be creating their profiles and uploading unique & exclusive videos that cater to their individual niches – for example, fans of Himanshi Khurana can see a lot of fashion videos, transitional beauty shots, makeup hacks, routines and all things glamour.

Prince will be sharing fitness videos, dietary tips, lip syncs, sketches and fans will also get to see Prince as a chef. Yuvika will be sharing a lot of DIY’s, beauty hacks, food challenges, tongue twisters a lot more and as a couple, they’ll be sharing a lot of couple challenges, prank wars and it’ll certainly be a treat for fans of the couple.

Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar on the other hand will share unique videos like how Parsis live as a couple, tips on marriage, charades, tongue twisters and such. Charlie Chauhan will be sharing daring videos and videos of her doing yoga, sharing tips and more. DJ Aerreo will be sharing unique mashups for fans of music, his new different hairstyles, gym routines, life as a DJ and a lot more interesting stuff.

Needless to say, HiPi will have creators that will cater to everyone’s individual choices and niches that they follow and there’s something for everyone.

Wow, it’s not only epic, it’s HiPic!!!

Talking about making their debut on HiPi, Prince and Yuvika share, “We are very very excited to join HiPi!!! It’s an amazing platform where we can both upload fun short videos!! Our fans will get to see a lot of real entertainment!! What they see on other platforms is generally reel entertainment, but we promise to fill them with real entertainment! We are going to do something new and different!! All the chemistry we share in real life will continue with the crazy videos! It will be real-fun unlimited!!”

Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar share, ”We are excited to join HiPi!! Believe me it is a great platform!! In words, I can’t explain the way we are enjoying making content for HiPi! Our fans can see our parsi videos, pranks and a lot more. One thing we can assure that all of it will be great fun for everyone out there! The kind of videos we will be sharing are itself very unique and different!! As we share that content, it will be exclusively on HiPi!!”

Paras and Mahira share, “Our excitement level has gone way up since we have joined HiPi on ZEE5. And the amount of excitement will be visible when you guys see it. Our fans have been able to watch individual solo videos of both of us till now. But on HiPi we share never before seen content right from our jokes to our pranks to our cuteness! Different content is on the way!! The way we are together in real life, it’s not something we’ve shared before on any platform yet!! But HiPi is the perfect platform where we are, we are going to look like we are!!”

Vivek Dahiya adds, “I am super excited!! I am in love with the way HiPi allows me to make the videos!! It’s amazing and exciting!! I do one video and I’ll be very excited for the next!! It’s that crazy… Fans will get to see something very new!! I swear whatever videos are there, they will all be unique and much unexpected!! Everything will be different! The content, the way, the full seasoning will be entertainment! I will get to show a different personality! It’s crazy!!”

Indeed, the bevy of stars sound super excited.

Ever since ZEE5 announced the launch of its own version of a short video platform, everyone was eager to learn how the platform would function and what would set it apart. Taking things a step further, HiPi is now a platform that is not only fun and lets people showcase their talent but it’s also a place where people can pursue their dreams.

The platform recently announced the HiPi Star Hunt which lets people participate and audition to get their big break in ZEE5 Originals.

Follow these 15 new celebrities on HiPi to watch their exclusive, fun and crazy videos. Download the ZEE5 app to get HiPi.

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