Esha Deol Takhtani's debut book is being loved by all

Esha Deol Takhtani’s debut book Amma Mia received an overwhelming response

In Amma Mia, Esha documents her adventures in motherhood in the hope that it would help other mothers too. Packed with advice, tips, stories, and easy and delicious recipes for toddlers, this is her personal journey of transformation into a mother. Informative and easy-to-follow, it will help new mothers navigate the ups and downs of raising a healthy toddler and make their child fall in love with food.

“I am overwhelmed that my first book Amma Mia is garnering such positive response from all readers and reviewers across.I am thankful to each and everyone, including my publisher Penguin Books, for showing love to a first time author and encouraging my humble effort.

Though the book was released in the middle of a pandemic and lockdown, its still receiving fabulous response from mothers (even fathers for that matter ) who are texting and calling me to say that the book has been extremely helpful.

I am also happy to know that Amma Mia has inspired many mom’s and authors who are also coming up with their own versions, but I am glad that my book Amma Mia is the first book of its kind in this genre.Every day many mothers are reaching out to me via social media on real time basis and even personally reiterating how my recipes have been a boon to them as they are so simple & easy to make. I wish every parent and parents to be all the best.

Children are our future and they deserve the best and as parents that is our foremost priority”.

‘Amma Mia has been the go-to book for many new mommies. Its practical, easy-to-apply and useful tips have been particularly valuable in the times of the pandemic when there is a stress on home food and home remedies. I hope many more readers enjoy reading Amma Mia and share their feedback with us. ‘ Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Ebury & Vintage Publishing.

‘Parenting during a pandemic is anything but easy and it’s heartening to see new and would-be parents use the practical, accessible advice in Amma Mia to cope with the demands of the current times. We are grateful for the love and appreciation Amma Mia has garnered and hope it will continue to serve as a friend and guide for many more years to come.’ Gurveen Chadha, Senior Commissioning Editor, Ebury & Vintage Publishing:

Praise for the book
Esha Deol Takhtani shares her baby care tips with ‘Amma Mia’. The book is a hands-on guide to taking control of your baby’s diet and making them love food, will be out this month…. New Indian Express

Esha Deol puts together a parenting book that draws from her experiences, but also what she learnt about independence from her mother, “warrior princess” Hema Malini….. MID-DAY

The book is a hands-on guide to take control of the child’s diet. Through her first book, Esha who is the of two daughters has documented her experiences of motherhood hoping to help other new mothers.…..Times of India

Actress-turned-author Esha Deol Takhtani is super excited about her first book “Amma Mia!”, which narrates her experiences as a mother. Mother of two daughters, Radhya and Miraya, Esha has penned her motherhood experience in the book….. News18

Esha’s debut book Amma Mia deals with topics close to every mom’s heart. The book imparts valuable advice on handling toddlers, useful parenting tips, stories, and simple, delicious recipes for children…..

Esha Deol Takhtani has penned down her experiences and adventures in the form of a book, Amma Mia! A mother of two daughters – Radhya and Miraya, Esha hopes that the book helps other mothers too. From giving birth to feeding and taking care of the baby, she has plenty of experiences and tips to share about other women…. Sakal Times

Celebrated actor, producer and dancer Esha Deol Takhtani’s new book, with tips for moms with young children, is an ideal Mother’s Day read…….Mail Today

Informative and easy-to-follow, the book aims to help new mothers navigate the ups and downs of raising a healthy toddler…

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