Adulting 2 the upcoming series of Dice Media will have Viraj Ghelani and Rohan Khurana being part of the cast.

FilterCopy fame Viraj Ghelani and Rohan Khurana in Adulting 2

Adulting 2, the upcoming Dice Media series will deal with the mature side of the girls as they go about their lives in Mumbai.

Actors Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama will play the leads as we know.

Yesterday we wrote about Rituraj K Singh playing the role of Nikhat’s father.

We now hear of two talented youngsters Viraj Ghelani and Rohan Khurana playing crucial roles in Adulting 2.

As we know, Viraj and Rohan have been prominently known for their FilterCopy videos.

We buzzed actors but could not get through for comments.

We reached out to Ashwin Suresh, Co-Founder, Pocket Aces and he confirmed the news to us.

Adulting 2 will be directed by Naina Shyam and Ankita Sharma.

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