Inching closer to the release, the excitement for Kathmandu Connection is pacing up. An unusual treat from the house of JAR films, the series features Amit Sial, Gopal Datt, Aksha Pardasany and Anshumaan Pushkar in the lead. With a great narrative that leads to a series of investigations and instances that link back to a cross border mystery in Kathmandu, the action and mystery is sure to excite and entertain viewers across.

The show is replete with elements that promise a perfect binge. Here, we list down the top 5 reasons that prove why you must not miss the drama unfold on SonyLIV –

Nail-biting Thriller

A gripping and engaging narrative that revolves around three parallel investigations across borders. The show rests on a strong script and offers countless moments that would make you question the allegiance. As the lines between right and wrong blur every moment, you will find yourself tangled in this mystery.

Amit Sial’s Flawless Act

Amit Sial who is known for delivering impeccable performances is ready with yet another jaw-dropping act in Kathmandu Connection. As DCP Samarth Kaushik, he plays a man of conflicting emotions effortlessly. Not quite your perfect cop to drool over but his immaculate judgement and eye for detail is sure to have you awestruck. And not to forget, charm is his middle name and he carries that with ease.

Power Packed Action Sequences

How can a thriller not have its share of maar-dhaar? But mind you, here the action is much more about the mind than the fistfights. For Kathmandu Connection, your guesses are never going to be spot-on as the show unfolds a new mystery with every episode. The moment you feel you have got the hint, the tables will turn in a blink taking the excitement notches higher.

Stellar Cast

Apart from Amit, the show also features Gopal Datt who can master almost anything he plays on screen. His is a character of restrain and composure that will stay with you for long. Newbies Aksha Pardasany and Anshumaan Pushkar have also tried to deliver their best and add value to this cat and mouse chase.

Melodious Music

Kathmandu Connection scores high on its music, composed by the versatile Sneha Khanwalkar. Sung by Rajan Batra, Sunetra Banerjee and Shrikant Krishna, the track Syaah compliments its fast-paced narrative and is sure to tug your heartstrings.

Don’t forget to catch Kathmandu Connection on and from 23rd April only on SonyLIV!

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