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Narendra Modi biopic season two soon on Eros Now

Season 2 Of PM  Narendra Modi Webseries Looks At The  Godra Incident

It looks like the second season of ErosNow’s Modi Journey Of A Comman Man is willing to stick its head out to look at the controversial aspects of the Statesman’s public conduct, including the Godra incident, without looking apologetic or regretful.

Season 2’s trailer covers Modiji’s journey from the chief minister of Gujarat to the prime minister of country. The content looks truthful , if not frightfully original. It is a known fact about PM Modi that he doesn’t tolerate hangers-on and yes-men, that he prefers constructive criticism to slavish sycophancy. At one point in the trailer he very clearly tells his party colleagues he has no appetite for favoring family and friends.

It’s a portrait of a lonely figure, not afraid to walk the untrodden path alone.

The trailer shows Aashish Sharma playing the younger version of Modiji while veteran actor Mahesh Thakur plays the PM in current times. The transitions are smooth and director Umesh Shukla( of Oh My God fame) is very clear that he isn’t doing a whitewashing job, nor is he interested in mythologizing the Prime Minister.

Modi Journey Of A Common Man looks more balanced than the other films/series on the Prime Minister. Mahesh Thakur imbibes Modiji’s body language with dignity. He doesn’t imitate the real figure. Apart from one totally out of character Saffron jacket PM Modi in his screen outing is impeccably dressed. Clothes, as we all know, are an important part of getting into character.

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