Lips Don’t Lie is a four-Part anthology that released on Gemplex on 25th October 2020. It is a romantic thriller, directed by Madhur Agarwal which promises to be a spine chilling experience based on love and relationships with extraordinary twists. The individual stories from the anthology are titled after four super hit Raj Kapoor movies, and why they are named so is a surprise element for the binging audiences.

The first story stars Rachel White, Gireesh Sahdev and Shishir Sharma in pivotal roles. The story revolves around Tarun and Trisha who are happily married until Tarun’s animal instinct takes over and he starts to doubt Trisha. The second plot has Charlie Chauhan, Chirag Bajaj and Ayaz Ahmed playing Shekhar, Nisha and Romil respectively. The story highlights Shekhar’s relationship with his Paying Guests – Nisha and Romil. While Shekhar is healing from Nisha’s betrayal, Romil imbibes back the trust in relationships with his love in Shekhar’s life. Kunwar Amar as Arjun and Sanjjanaa Galrani as Binita star as the lead pair in the third instalment. Binita enters Arjun’s life and heals his ailing heart with her love and care until she unknowingly triggers his wounds again and the story of his past unfolds thereon. And the fourth and final episode takes the audiences on a high with an engrossing and never seen before act by Tanuj Virwani opposite the effervescent Aahana Kumra. The story showcases a newly married couple Karan and Rani who are happily in love but their honeymoon is long overdue. The fun banter and the unexpected twist in the tale that ensues describes the rest of the story.

Madhur Agarwal highlights, “The anthology ‘Lips Don’t Lie’ is a romantic thriller showcasing the modern day take on love, life and relationships. Change is the only constant here and like lives have evolved; so as our outlook towards relationships. Be it the fear of being cheated in love or be it the over possessive love, toxic relationships are for real and we are trying to bring forward the same with a cinematic experience.”

“The content game is catching up on streaming platforms, ‘Lips Don’t Lie’ is what we wanted to showcase to our audiences as it is a relationship-based drama which is high on twist and turns. It is our first attempt at thriller genre anthology, where the narration by Mr. Madhur Agarwal itself gave us goose bumps.”, adds Mr. Suresh Anchan, CEO Gemplex.

“Bringing new and innovative concepts to the platform has been our constant effort. While rom-coms are a breath of fresh air, it’s the romantic thrillers that can keep the viewers at the edge of their seats! We are sure ‘Lips Don’t Lie’ will do just that”, adds Mr. Vishal Kumar Patil, SVP Gemplex.

“Every love story has a dark side to it. ‘Lips Don’t Lie’ unveils those dark sides of love. It’s thrilling to its core, this series will compel audiences to binge and enjoy it in one go” adds Mr. Avishek Majumder, SVP Gemplex.

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