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YFilms, the young guns of Yash Raj Films; led by Ashish Patil is a venture started by Aditya Chopra in the year 2011. YFilms is an innovative content maker which focuses on making youth oriented subjects. With the basic idea of linking their content with the social issues our society has been facing for awhile now, Yfilms s come up with some excellent content in their library. Not only the content is thoughtful but the way the brands are integrated in their videos is quite exquisite. This subtle way of content representation is quite refreshing as compared to other youth oriented content distributors.

So without further delay let’s have a look at some of the YFilms big hits.

Bang Baaja Baarat

Focusing on the stereotypes about women, this series is a rom-com. The story revolves around a couple which decides to marry after just a few meetings, typical urban mentality. The couple belonging to two different communities i.e. Gujrati and Punjabi, and the problems they face just to get acquainted with each other’s families is quite well portrayed. One will definitely feel as an attack on Indian culture with the script focusing on stereotypes, but with the clean humor and logical story line with relatable lead characters does make it a good watch.

6 Pack Band

Yes, it’s real. YFilms came up with an amazing idea of creating India’s first transgender band. By releasing a cover song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams: Hum Hai Happy. Promoting Red Label by a frowned upon community is eye-catching to watch. In this song the 3rd gender just asks us to be happy about whatever we have in our lives because they can be happy being in an illiterate and biased society.

Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa

This is a five episode series which focuses on real and uncomfortable problems a father or a mother faces. These problems being uncomfortable to discuss are often ignored, but quite important to be discussed with your kids. With a series of subjects like sex, condoms, homosexuality, pregnancy being taboo…they always have been ignored or frowned upon in our society. See what happens when a seven year old boy, Pappu asks his father Anand some outrageous questions.

Love Shots

This aptly named web series are short 10 mins episodes. A couple gone on a road trip is stranded in the middle of nowhere discussing about their relationship waiting for help. The story unfolds quite subtly.

Ladies Room

This particular web series is an amalgamation of well thought out scenarios which somehow end up in ladies washroom. Two girls trying to fight out of different situations in six different loos.

The content at play is indeed entertaining…what’s your take? Let us know in the comment space below.

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