As we bid adieu to the year 2022, lists down the most popular OTT stars of 2022 in our Year Ender story. Read here for more details.

The platform of OTT saw a big boom with a lot of the noted and popular Bollywood personalities doing well in the year 2022. The medium of the web has been the most sought-after platform for the best content and creative satisfaction. The year 2022 has been a big buzz and the various OTT streaming platforms have flourished!! In our Year-Ender story, we bring forward to our readers, our list of the ‘Most Popular OTT Stars (Female) of 2022. Check below.

Alia Bhatt: Darlings (Netflix)

Alia Bhatt had a big year in 2022 both personally and professionally. Along with her theatrical success stories, she also made her debut on the digital medium with the film Darlings on Netflix. Her portrayal as the silent sufferer and her aggressive fightback in the role of Badrunissa Sheikh in the digital film made us her fan. Her sequences with both her co-stars Vijay Varma and Shefali Shah were the highlight of the film.

Geetanjali Kulkarni: Gullak 3 (Sony LIV)

The entire cast of Gullak the series on Sony LIV has been an endearing pack to follow and appreciate. Geetanjali Kulkarni leads the way in this series helmed by The Viral Fever. As Shanti Mishra, Geetanjali’s performance in all the seasons of Gullak has been appreciated. 2022 saw her return to the same role for the third season of Gullak.

Huma Qureshi: Maharani 2 (Sony LIV), Monica, O My Darling (Netflix) and Double XL (Netflix):

The year 2022 also belonged to the amazing performer Huma Qureshi. Maharani Season 2 on Sony LIV saw the big wings of Rani Bharti. Huma in this role was thunderous to the core. She was very much loved for her performance and versatility. Huma did well with her digital films Monica, O My Darling and Double XL, both on Netflix. She carried out these three different roles that she was seen in 2022 with great elan.

Madhuri Dixit: The Fame Game (Netflix) and Maja Ma (Amazon Prime)

Bollywood’s stunning actress made a big bang return with her amazing portrayals on the OTT platform. She had two releases in 2022, both of which were contrasting characters. Madhuri’s emphatic portrayal as the Superstar and actress Anamika Anand in Netflix’s The Fame Game, won her laurels and appreciation. In fact, this role we can say, has opened up the gates for many more challenging portrayals that await Madhuri in the medium of the web. Later in the year came Maja Ma on Amazon Prime, which depicted Madhuri as the silent housewife with suppressed lesbian characteristics, Pallavi Patel. The yesteryear Bollywood star excelled in both roles.

Prajakta Koli: Mismatched 2 (Netflix)

Prajakta Koli who is already one of the reigning queens on social media and on internet has turned out to be a very delightful actor and performer. Her portrayal of Dimple Ahuja in Mismatched 2, which launched on Netflix was heartwarming. Her chemistry with young blood Rohit Saraf in the series was a talking point.

Sakshi Tanwar: Mai (Netflix)

Sakshi Tanwar gave an extremely impactful performance as the mother who went all out to get justice for the untimely death of her daughter. In the role of Sheel Chaudhary in Mai on Netflix, Sakshi’s performance touched every heart for sure. Her transformation from the meek character that she was to the ruthless avenger was absorbing to the core. Truly, Sakshi proved that she is always a performer who leaves a huge mark on the role accepted.

Shefali Shah: Human (Disney+ Hotstar), Jalsa (Amazon Prime), Darlings (Netflix) and Delhi Crime (Netflix)

It will surely not be an exaggeration if we say that the year 2022 belonged to the extremely versatile actor Shefali Shah. Her portrayals of varied challenging characters in as many as 4 roles on OTT, simply prove that she is the most sought-after actress when it comes to power-packed performances. Human on Disney+ Hotstar saw her don the complex character of Dr Gauri Nath. In Amazon Prime’s Jalsa, she played a maid who was stuck between her loyalty and mother’s love. Darlings on Netflix saw an extremely mind-blowing performance coming from Shefali in the role of Shamshunissa. DCP Vartika Chaturvedi was back with a bang in Season 2 of Delhi Crime on Netflix.

Shweta Tripathi: The Gone Game 2 (Voot), Yeh Kaali Kali Ankhein (Netflix) and Escaype Live (Disney+ Hotstar)

Shweta Tripathi excelled in the work taken! She proved her worth yet again on the OTT platform. She had not one or two, but three releases in 2022. The roles were so very different and layered, and she beat her own expectations with her portrayals, is what we can say. Amara Gujral of The Gone Game 2 on Voot, had considerable prominence in the plot and Shweta gave her best shot. The love story of Shikha and Vikrant in Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein on Netflix was the major high point in the series. As the helpless lover, Shweta proved her mettle. Later, she was seen in Escaype Live on Disney+ Hotstar in the role of Sunaina, a very today’s woman.

Tripti Dimri: Qala (Netflix)

Tripti Dimri bagged huge appreciation for her graceful act in Qala, the digital film on Netflix. The film talked about the tumultuous relationship between a singer and her mother. Tripti and Swastika Mukherjee packed a punch in the film. Tripti looked gorgeous and her portrayal was out-of-the-world. The result is that Qala has received a heartwarming response.

Vidya Balan: Jalsa (Amazon Prime)

Vidya Balan’s return to the OTT medium after Shakuntala Devi was again massive. In the role of Maya Menon in the Amazon Prime film Jalsa, Vidya breathed into her character the needed energy and fire. She was seen in a never-seen-before avatar of a successful and influential journalist who held her morals very high. She excelled in her powerful display yet again!!

Yami Gautam: A Thursday (Disney+ Hotstar) and Dasvi (Netflix)

Yami Gautam was another Bollywood star who made huge inroads into the OTT medium in 2022. She played the girl traumatized by physical abuse and molestation very well. Her revenge story as Naina Jaiswal to get back at the man who wronged her provided goosebumps. Yami also had a biggie in the form of Dasvi, the Tushar Jalota-helmed social comedy film Dasvi that launched on Netflix. Her cop’s character of Jyoti Deswal indeed won hearts.

These were our picks on the ‘Most Popular OTT Stars 2022’. Now, you pick your favourite.

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