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Web-series provides a great first-hand experience for newcomers – Sidhant Sachdev, Director of Tantra and Spotlight 2

Director Sidhant Sachdev is happy and creatively satisfied being part of the Vikram Bhatt camp!!

After directing the web-series Gehraiyaan and Hadh, the Sidhant directed web-series Tantra is presently streaming on Vikram Bhatt’s YouTube channel, VB on the Web. Now, Sidhant holds great expectations towards his next web-series, Spotlight 2, the first musical digital series which will stream on Viu India.

Says Sidhant, “Vikram Bhatt Sir is too great a person. He is a beautiful writer. I have got the opportunity to work on four different scripts.”

On working on different genres as director, Sidhant states, “Every script is different. I try to connect to the script as emotionally as I can. Later I get my technique in. Spotlight 2 is all about emotions, with love and romance being in the forte. I have earlier assisted on movies Aashiqui 2 and Humari Adhuri Kahaani. So love story is more of the space I was aware of. Horror comes with technique. As a Director, I love experimenting in my shots. And Vikram Sir has always been encouraging this talent in me.”

For Sidhant, Spotlight 2 has been his best work so far. “I have always wanted to make a musical romance. As I said, my first film as assistant was Aashiqui 2. Before that I directed lot of music videos. As a person, I love creating songs and doing something which is around songs. And Spotlight 2 really appealed to me. As far as shoot is concerned, Gehraiyaan was very challenging. Sanjeeda Sheikh was a great actress and to work on Vikram Sir’s script was challenging. I enjoyed directing this horror series as it was a big challenge for me. In Spotlight 2, Karan V Grover and Aditi Arya were very good.”

Talking about his journey, Sidhant states, “I have had a great journey till now. It has been very inspiring, and I have learned a lot. I am still learning. I was a theatre artist in Delhi and I got called by Mr. Mahesh Bhatt for Aashiqui 2. I have had great mentors in my life like Mahesh Bhatt Sir, Mohit Suri Sir and Vikram Bhatt Sir. All the actors I have worked with have been very supportive. I have always wanted to go a notch higher from where I was last year. I have been trying to achieve that, and it is for you all to say that (smiles).”

On the digital platform and its growth, the Director says, “The digital platform is something new, uncensored, which is reaching out to everybody at their homes. Entertainment has started to appear on your phones already. TV and cinema are something that people need to go and watch for, while digital is right here. For a director, it is very quick to guage whether my work is liked or not. Overall, web series provides a great first-hand experience for newcomers. For new actors, it is very encouraging as we shoot like a film. Young creative minds like it as newer scripts can be experimented with on the web. TV is a great medium of enter. But I have never thought of working in that environment.”

Sidhant Sachdev is thankful to God for giving him a mentor like Vikram Bhatt. “Very rarely you find a person with an experience of Vikram Bhatt Sir. He’s been there for 35 years, and has done everything. He is a person who places so much trust in the people working with him. He gives us back to back work with things we want to do and experiment. The beauty about him is that he lets us do our mistakes; as we learn only through experiences. When we do any mistake, we will sit us down and talk us through the process and tell us where wew have gone wrong. He places so much love, confidence and trust in us, and literally takes pride of having him on his side.”

On working with Krishna Bhatt who is all set for her directorial debut with Untouchables, Sidhant avers, “Krishna is a very dear friend. We are all family. Krishna has been working for very long, and started assisting very young in age. She has the beauty and nuances to get it right. Emotionally, she is there already. I have seen bits and pieces of Untouchables, and I am sure it will be a huge hit.”

The Vikram Bhatt camp is all geared up for the launch of the new app, which launches on 27 January. “Yes, we are all looking forward to the launch of the app. The best part of it is that we are not asking anyone to subscribe for it. You just need to pay for whatever you need to watch. The app will have a different range of genres to offer. We will have the crime thriller, Untouchables, a love story, Maya 2, Twisted 2, a periodical, a musical etc. We do realize that with the app coming, we need to take our work a notch higher. We are ready for the new challenge, and we want to provide viewers with a different variety altogether.”

Wish you luck, Sidhant!!


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