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Arishfa Khan looks astounding in her Floral midis, let’s find out

Every time Arishfa Khan stuns in Floral dress

Floral to flawless Arishfa Khan could give you major goals as to how to look authentic and slay in those beautiful flowery costumes. Her fashion choices are no secret to us, she aptly knows how to carry each of it and with different moods that fit well with her attires. Arishfa, the young and thawing actor has warmed our hearts since her childhood days. We loved her in Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera; she has gained her popularity amongst the Youngsters as well, her TikTok videos are delineating followers every day. She has owned 20million followers on TikTok. She has grabbed a foothold in the industry already, her big alluring eyes are to die for!

Arishfa’s floral attires seem to hail the euphoric heart of her, she looks serene and translucent in those dresses. Any Fashionista would go gaga over it like we are. Her basics are way too gorgeous; any wonder she would look in a completely ‘fashion’ attire?

We love her and wish that she rocks it in the long run!

Here are some of her collections that we think are enthralling. What do you think of these?

Let us know!

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