Mr Faisu, one of the most popular social media bloggers, who has inspired us with his fashion updos and style, back to back on his Instagram profile. And today, we are up with some of his best fashion updos.


View Instagram Post 1: Faisu And His Best Fashion Updos!

With a body like him, this style is looking splendid on him, no wonder. We are loving his new man bun hairstyle though. The background seems like the picture was taken somewhere in the hills, and we can’t miss out the chilling vibes in the picture. Loving to the core!


View Instagram Post 2: Faisu And His Best Fashion Updos!

And that’s how you wrap up your festive mood! Whatever Faisu does, he does it in style. We are loving this gorgeous traditional attire. And his hair looks grand with the outfit. Perfectly wind-swept and !


View Instagram Post 3: Faisu And His Best Fashion Updos!

Animal prints are the best! And Faisu is killing it with his looks in it. We are loving his dashing style and fashion updo in this picture. And with the man bun, it’s adding that extra factor to the look. His shades are complimenting the whole!

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