Check to know who is the hottest TikToker of all, Faisu, Riyaz or Awez Darbar

Faisu VS Riyaz Aly VS Awez Darbar: Who’s the HOTTEST TikToker?

Well, when it comes to these colossal pillars TikTok, it gets pretty hard to win the comparison battle. But still, it gets pretty exciting to call for it! And today, again, we are up with Faisu, Riyaz and Awez, the topmost TikTokers of India.

Faisu, the well-known dancer, YouTuber and fashion blogger, is wowing us with his travel vlogs on YouTube. He always boggles us with TikTok videos. He has achieved more than 28million followers on TikTok. He is a well-known social media influencer in India. He is extremely hardworking and has put a lot of effort into his work. We love to watch him.

Riyaz Aly, the TikTok star with the highest number of followers as of now. He is quite popular among the youth of the nation. He is a great dancer and actor. Riyaz Aly has wowed us with his TikTok videos and classy fashion sense. He has achieved more than 40million followers on TikTok. Young girls love him for his style and updo.

Awez Darbar, a well-known dancer, is a choreographer, who is famous for his signature steps. His dance videos always go viral on TikTok and eventually get followed by other TikTokers as a trend. He has collaborated with several Bollywood stars, so far now. He has earned millions of followers on TikTok. He is not only famous for his dance videos but his fashion and coolest street styles.

Here go some of their pics, check them out and let us know who is the Hottest of all!

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