Green or Red which succeeds to make Arishfa, the queen...

Green or Red: Arishfa Khan looks HOT in which outfit?

There are numerous hues make you scratch your head; Green is unquestionably one of it. It isn’t so much that green isn’t lovely (since it will be!), it’s simply that individuals think that it’s harder to wear and style than different hues, thinking about how to wear it. What ways does green look best? What does it go with? How would I pull off this shading without looking senseless? What would it be a good idea for me to wear with dull green? What hues go with green? What seasons would it be advisable for me to sport green? What is the brain research behind the shading green? What does the shading green mean? What does wearing green convey about me to other people?

And, Red, of course, no other shading is so wealthy in imagery. It’s fire and energy, outrage and sin. Going into the red methods you’re paying off debtors, yet in China, red is related to good karma and success. It’s socialist and Republican simultaneously. It’s the shade of blood, of risk, of desire!

Our very beloved, Arishfa Khan, the TikTok star, who wowed us with her amazing acting abilities and fashion quotient, was spotted in both, crazy, isn’t it? She is young, yet aptly knows how to carry these authentic colours with utmost perfection. She looks stunning in these gorgeous colours ; wanna check how she is slaying in it?

Here goes her pictures!

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