The popular face Faisu is the internet’s new crush and girls have been swept off their feet by his super-smart style and his cute yet dashing looks.

Instagrammer of the week: Faisu

Faisal Mudassir Shaikh, better known as Mr. Faisu on social media, is the most followed Indian on TikTok, with an audience of over 21 million. He is not only adored and loved by his fans for his TikTok videos, but also for his fashion sense and his hot looks.

Just like most influencers, Faisu too has been extremely popular among teenagers, especially teenage girls. He is adored and loved by his fans, and is the knight in shining armor for young girls. Faisu has also made it to an elite list of top 10 influencers in India. He is blessed with a dashing personality and elegant smile.

Faisu’s posts on Instagram are making a huge number of girls crush over him. His spiked hair makes him look swashbuckling. He is extremely talented and has got the chocolate boy looks. Fans are head over heels in love with this TikTok star, which makes him our Instagrammer of the week.

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