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Check to see and learn how to look cool in messy hair like Mr Faisu and Riyaz Aly

How to Look Cool in Messy Hair? Learn from Faisu and Riyaz Aly

Messy and casual are the new fashion norms, as of now. And Mr Faisu and Riyaz Aly are wowing us with their messy hair looks are so worthy to follow. Today, we have lined up some of their pictures in messy hair look. Check them out and let us know in the comments below of your takeaway.

1. Mr Faisu

It is extremely unusual to see Mr Faisu in messy hairstyle look. He is well-known for his wind-swept, and classy hairdo. But sometimes, your hair doesn’t work out just like the way you want! And this picture of Faisu, says it all. Though messy, it itself looks like a definite hairstyle. And we are loving his looks in this picture.

2. Riyaz Aly


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Mainu dar jeha lagda ae…Dil tutt na jaaye vichara ❤️ #riyaz #fambruh

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Riyaz Aly is famous for fashion updos and looks. His highlighted hair looks perfect with his style and updos. We love watching him to the core and this casual look is winning hearts. The black hoodie and the messy hairstyle already speak how cosy and comfy he is with his style and fashion choices.

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