Check pictures of Faisal Sheikh with B-town stars

[PHOTOS] Youtuber Faisu With Bollywood Celebrities

TikTok star, Faisu, the 21-year-old actor, has embellished the entire scenario of art, he has put up an example that how one can prolifically give out content through small videos yet provide a message for social welfare.

It is no news, that Faisal Sheikh was banned for a short period, but now is back with a boom! And we can’t help but go gaga over him with all the pending dilemmas. Faisal is well-known for his style and fashion, his TikTok account has achieved above 20 million followers and also millions on his Instagram handle too!

In recent days, Faisu was spotted collaborating with colossal B-town celebrities, sharing the red carpet and other platforms with them. We have lined up some of the best pics down beneath! Do check!

Faisal deserves what he has achieved, his hard work and tireless efforts can’t go in vain, we wish him all the best!

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