Check to see Amit Bhadana’s 5 funniest videos of the time

5 Most Loved Funny Videos by the YouTube star Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana, the self-made star, who chose to be a YouTuber with no evident plan to become one, but eventually made a hit! Amit Bhadana, is undoubtedly the most loved YouTuber, nationwide. His YouTube channel has earned a whopping 19million subscribers, that’s even more than BB and Ashish Chanchlani. The youth relates to Amit’s story and dream of the same. Amit’s humour is easily taken and acceptable, his colloquial accent is the prime reason for his fame.

Amit’s videos do not fail to cross a million views every day, and each of his creation split us up, his humour is effortlessly funny. Today we have listed 5 of his best YouTube videos that would give you solid ROFL.

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Here are the videos, check!

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