Amit Bhadana New Youtube Video 'Yaar Vs Pyaar (Berozgar Bachelors)' Is Hilarious, netizens can’t stop laughing | IWMBuzz

Check to see Yaar Vs Pyaar, by Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana New Youtube Video ‘Yaar Vs Pyaar (Berozgar Bachelors)’ Is Hilarious, netizens can’t stop laughing

Amit Bhadana, the first YouTuber who earned more than 20million subscribers as of now and still counting. He always wows us with his comedy sketches and grand characterisations. He is more likely to be appreciated for his use of local linguistics. Each of his videos never fails to get millions of views, and it is worth it.

Amit Bhadana started off his YouTube career without any proper planning, but he became one and yet a successful one, by accident. Since then, we are obsessed with his great YouTube videos, and every time, he uploads a video, we go gaga over!

As of now, we are obsessing over the video Yaar Vs Pyaar, and it is so utterly hilarious! The video has hit millions of views and likes from viewers. Moreover, the content is super relatable and relevant. We have lined up the video down below, check it out and let us know if you think Amit Bhadana is the best comedy sketches!

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