Rate Shirley’s best Ballad cover..

Bhumbro Vs Jab Koi Baat: Rate the Best Shirley Setia Song?

Shirley Setia, the youngster with a great voice, who is loved by the youngsters of India. Shirley has a steady YouTube channel, where she ordinarily invigorates with her ballad covers. She is enchanting and charming. She has earned love for her voice and besides personation styles. Her avowal film is, Nikamma.

Shirley’s YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers. She has uploaded more than 80 music videos on her channel. She is known for her great music covers. Her creativity is absolutely love! Her recent uploads “Bhumbro, Electro-folk” and “Jab Koi Baat” are a must-listen for you all.

In “Bhumbro” she brings the nuances of the actual Bollywood song, designed costumes with a touch of the modern era, with a catch sound effect at the start and then she starts to sing with a bit changes to the lyrics and the music, but one could still feel the definite shadows of the actual Bhumbro song.

In the second recreation “Jab Koi Baat” that has covered millions of views. She duets with Atif Aslam in the song, and trust us, their voice together is heaven!

If you haven’t yet watched then you should definitely do!

Here are the videos! Check and let us know, which one you feel is the best

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