Bigg Boss has once again successfully made its mark with its OTT version premiering on Voot. This season was Over-the-top as we all saw ugly spats and nasty comments flooding inside the house. Not only that but also, we witnessed some blooming friendships and lovely-dovey moments in the most controversial house.

The reasons why the show got immense popularity was because of our sassy host Karan Johar. There’s no doubt that Karan is slaying the show with his witty comments and straight-forward hosting, he surely is unbeatable when it comes to entertaining the audience.

Here are Top 5 over-the-top moments from Sunday ka Vaar.

1.Divya and Shamita’s fight from first Sunday ka Vaar

During the first Sunday ka vaar we all saw best friends turning into foes, and just to fuel the fire Karan also made some revelations about Divya which didn’t go down well with her and further resulted in growing soreness amongst the two. After the episode, netizens took over social media and supported Divya as they felt Karan is being biased. Do you think they will work it out together?

2.Compatibility test between the housemates with Sunny and Karan

In the last Sunday ka Vaar episode, the hot and sassy Sunny Leone was invited to the show and entered Bigg Boss OTT house as well. Karan and Sunny both played a compatibility test amongst the housemates just to lighten the mood and to cheer them up. During the task, they witnessed some aww moments!

3.Divya and Karan Johar’s Fight

The equation between Divya Agarwal and Karan Johar is not that great, and we all know that! Divya felt that our host is being biased and is trying to demean her, she further said that neither Karan nor Salman Khan can change her opinion. Divya’s opinion about Karan clearly didn’t do well and lead to a massive fight between the two. Do you think Karan was biased or it’s just Divya’s game strategy?

4.Karan Johar and Zeeshan Khan’s Argument

During Zeeshan Khan’s captainship, there was a massive fight between Akshara Singh and Zeeshan Khan where he made a statement about the actress that was quite offensive in nature. Karan picked that incident on Sunday ka vaar and scolded Zeeshan for the same, later he made Zeeshan sit at the corner and didn’t let him speak throughout the episode. They both ended up arguing, where Zeeshan was just trying to defend himself. Many celebs came out on Twitter and other social media platforms to support Zeeshan and criticized Karan Johar very strongly.

5.Karan Johar teasing Raqesh as Shamita demanded a kiss.

Is Karan trying to play cupid? Maybe yes, as he was seen teasing Raqesh when Shamita demanded him a kiss. Raqesh and Shamita’s growing closeness has been witnessed by all of us. From their morning ritual kiss to endless hugs, they both have shown their true feeling. Isn’t it nice to see a love connection blooming inside the house and it’s even more interesting and enjoyable when our lovely host teases to the limit where both of their cheeks turned pink.