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Read to know who is more capable to act in movies, Carry or Be Younick 

CarryMinati Vs Be Younick: Youtuber Who Deserves to Enter Movies?

Well, it is tough, one is the roast king, Carry Minati, and another is famous for his comedy uploads, Be younick. Both the YouTubers are extraordinarily talented and make us laugh at every point of time.

Ajey Nagar, the roast king, ideally known as CarryMinati had started his excursion as a gamer, he used to exhibit his gaming abilities in his channel and increased a humongous fan base in the virtual world, later he presented himself as CarryMinati and began making Roast videos. As of now, Carry’s recent roast video is setting new goals for the aspiring YouTubers of the country, that is TikTok vs YouTube, where he is found roasting Amir Siddiqui, a renowned TikTok star, which stated as super hilarious by Carry’s fans. The video has reached over 38million views in 2days! It is quite a monumental moment for the YouTube community.

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“But now if I look back, those people are not being seen anywhere, and I AM.”, says Nikunj Lotia aka Be Younick, in an interview, one of the popular YouTubers in the country, who usually makes comedy videos. He has caught collaborating with other well-known YouTubers as well, like Ashish Chanchlani, Mostly Sane and others. Nikunj has earned more than 3million subscribers on YouTube. He is extremely talented and owns a very witty sense of humour. We wish him all the best.

But we are unsure who deserves to appear in movies! Both are immensely talented, Be Younick does have splendid acting skills and Carry too as we get to see him appear in a couple of videos channeled by other YouTube channels like Filter copy and The Timeliners! We have lined up some for you, check and decide yourself, but do let us know!


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