Bombers’ explores the story of a Bengali football team fighting death and oblivion. It is Directed by Vishal Furia and written by Vishal Kapoor.

Die Hard Football Fan? Watch Zee5 web series Bombers

It follows the trials and tribulations of the fictional Chandannagar-based football club Bombers FC. It stars Varun Mitra, Ranvir Shorey, Zakir Hussain, Sapna Pabbi, Aahana Kumra and Meiyang Chang in key roles.

Bombers have been extensively shot in real locations and the team trained hard to play professional-level football on screen.

A tragic bus accident kills all players of the club except Badol (Varun Mitra). A minister, Manik Dasgupta (Sameer Soni), moves for the kill by taking over the club’s grounds and commissioning a shopping mall. The only way for Bombers FC to stop Manik is to rebuild the team from scratch.

After the accident, Badol is suffering from his demons and he has gone into a shell. He is considering playing for a Mumbai club, but the city holds him back. He has, meanwhile, detached himself from his girlfriend Sanjana, who worries about Badol, but he doesn’t want sympathy.”

Bombers FC’s owner Somu (Zakir Hussain) brings in one of the club’s former players, Debu (Ranvir Shorey), to coach a new team with Badol as captain. The plan is to win the Zee Bangla Football League.

The idea of a football team being obliterated in an accident has been inspired by real-life tragedies, such as the 1958 airplane accident that ended the lives of 11 members of the Manchester United team, and the 1993 airplane accident that killed all members of the Zambian football team.

Bombers have good performances. Ranveer Shorey, Varun Mitra, Zakir Husain, and Anup Soni do justice to their characters. Even the supporting cast of Ahana Kumra and Sapna Pabbi does a good job in the unraveling of the story. It shows the struggle of the local community to rebuild their beloved #BombersFC from scratch. Each episode has its unique approach with a brilliant focus on character building, like the love life of Badol (Varun Mitra), Struggle of coach Debo (Ranvir Shorey) to overcome from his own failures in life, the love angle of Aahana Kumara with Varun Mitra.

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