Faisu or Awez or Riyaz, who is slaying it in those attires? Let’s find out.

Fashion Faceoff: Faisu Vs Awez Darbar Vs Riyaz Aly, who wore it better?

Faisu, aka Faisal Sheikh, the founding member of team 07 is hitting it hot with his tempting body and fashion choices. He is known for his authentic music videos, apart from a TikTok star he is a model and a fashion blogger. He is adored by his young fans, girls are gaga over him. His windswept hairstyle suits him aptly, he knows how to carry himself with a style and charm. With that, his public impressions are quite mind-boggling, his fashion sense is rakish and retro.

Awez Darbar, the TikTok star, also a very talented dancer has made it big through his videos, also he has been found sharing the platform with renowned celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Shilpa Shetty and others. Awez is adored by a lot, he is famous for his social messages portrayed through TikTok videos and his signature steps. His fans are fond of his unique fashion choices as well. Awez looks confident and classy in every attire, he chooses to wear, from very basic to formal to ethnic.

Riyaz Aly, an Indian actor, influencer, fashion blogger and TikTok8 star, has made it through TikTok and his YouTube music videos. He has wowed his viewers with his impeccable lip-syncing skills and is admired by the youngsters. His fashion sense defines ethnicity, his choice of colours showcases that he is aware of what would suit him the best.

Here, we have listed the pictures of these stars, let us know, who wore it better!

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