Urfi Javed, the fashion queen, continues to impress us with her distinct style and daring ensembles. The actress rose to popularity and has since become a social media celebrity, frequently generating headlines for her unique dress choices. Her fashion progress demonstrates her creative prowess and strong approach to experimenting with numerous appearances. Today, she shared photos of herself with a swollen face on Instagram. Look at her facial allergies-

Urfi Javed’s Facial Allergies Appearance-

“Fillers Nahi Hai, Allergies Hai! Urfi Javed Opens Up About Swollen Face On Instagram 898234

Taking to her Instagram post, the actress and social media star shared stunning pictures of herself as she revealed her swollen eyes, lips, and cheeks. She shared close-up photos from every angle. The actress highlighted that people often comment on her face, saying that it’s all because of Botox and fillers. However, she clarified the whole thing, mentioning that it’s more of allergies.

She captioned her Instagram post by saying, “I’ve been getting so many remarks with my face that I’ve gone overboard with my fillers! I have major major allergies, my face is swollen most of the time. I wake up like this every second day, and my face is always swollen. I’m always in extreme discomfort.”

Futher she added, “Fillers nahi hai guys , allergies hai. Immunotherapy chalu hai but if you next see me with swollen face. Just know I’m going through one of those bad allergy days, I’ve not gotten anything done except of course my usual fillers and Botox which I’ve been getting since I was 18. If you see my face swollen don’t advise me not to get more fillers just sympathise and move on.”

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