Netflix original series, Delhi crime has been one of the most-watched series that explored the heinous crime that took place in Delhi in recent years.

What makes Netflix’s Delhi Crime a great watch?

It is worth watching because it relates to the crime which took place on 16 December 2012 and changed the view of 21st century India. Based on a real-life incident, the series shows how a young student in Delhi was gang-raped brutally in a moving bus. Later she was thrown at the roadside naked. After a few days, she died in the hospital because of multiple injuries the girl was suffering from in her private parts.

The incident took the entire nation with shock and outrage. The series shows the specifics of the crime which were so brutal that it stooped mankind lower.

The series has been directed by Richie Mehta and he tells us the chilling story of this horrific and inhumane crime along with its aftermath. The show is a procedural crime drama that has showcased the first six days after the rape case. It has been told from the perspective of the Delhi police.

What makes Netflix's Delhi Crime a great watch?

The director of the series had work hard spending years, researching the case and collecting the data speaking to police officers etc. as the matter itself is quite sensitive and need handling with utmost cautiousness and respect. As the mark of good script writing for the series, the director has stayed away from the graphic representation of the crime.

Veteran actor Shefali Shah has played the role of DCP, Vartika Chaturvedi where she stands as an officer who is in head over heels to trace the culprits and get them punished for the same. Shefali has enacted the role that has multiple facets as she has to play a vulnerable mother to a young daughter besides being an efficient law enforcement officer.

Her co-actors Rasika Dugal and Rajesh Tailand have also done justice to their roles.

Being one of the finest real crime shows on Netflix, this crime show will take its audience to the heart of crime but with great sensitivity, superb direction and cinematography. The director has very well been able to bring out the anger and the sense of helplessness among its viewers, intendedly. The series is a true mirror of how cruel life could be in cities like Delhi.

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