Shefali Shah has expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming response received for 'Three Of Us'.

Shefali Shah expresses gratitude for the overwhelming response to ‘Three Of Us’!

As 2023 drew to a close, Shefali Shah found herself surrounded by a flurry of acclaim, thanks to her outstanding performances and compelling roles. The accomplished actor, renowned for her unparalleled acting skills, continues to captivate audiences, with her latest movie ‘Three of Us’.

Although ‘Three Of Us’ didn’t receive a warm response in theaters, it gained popularity and success in the online streaming space, receiving positive feedback from both viewers and critics. Shefali Shah took a moment to express her gratitude for the love and support she received, by sharing a heartfelt message on her social media platforms.

Shefali Shah expresses gratitude for the overwhelming response to 'Three Of Us'! 876836

In her post, Shefali expressed, “Thank you for all the love all of you (well most of you) are showering on ‘THREE OF US’ it’s humbling and overwhelming. The interpretations you’ll have of the minutest nuance, registering a look, a line, a gesture, a scene. It shows how deeply the film has affected you.”
This film was released in the theatres and it didn’t do well at all. But on OTT, even though it was released on the 2nd last day of 2023, a lot of you are touting it to be the best film of 2023 and that’s a proof of what came from our hearts, will and has touched yours. We created something in complete honesty, giving it our all, baring ourselves which brought on surface your thoughts and feelings, and unhindered truth.”

She further elaborated, “Proving the strength of the connection between us and all of you even through a screen. And it just reinstates our faith in what we do, rather who we become, because you all believe it too. And we can’t begin to thank you enough for it.”

As the release date for the third season of ‘Delhi Crime’ draws closer, fans are eagerly anticipating Shefali’s return as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi. Her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment are sure to captivate viewers once again, as she brings her unique depth and authenticity to this highly anticipated series.