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Ramiz King is Afghanistan’s First Reality TV Celebrity in India

Being Kabul Born, Ramiz King has finally established an entry of a new genre, Reality TV. Afghan industry had many shows like Indian Idol, Voice of Afghanistan and Masterchef but never a show which promoted the reality of individuals or celebrities’ personal life.

2012, Ramiz made a debut behind the scenes of famous artists concerts reality show on Ariana TV, named ‘Zindagi Ma’ – it wasn’t received well and ranked Mr Ramiz infamous in everything. The concept wasn’t understood or been adapted to by Afghans worldwide. 2012 no Afghan celebrity had existed that used Social media for their game.

Famous artists exist but they were not on Social media. Ramiz entered and used this new platform and was controversial there for photos with religious remarks, his infamous Pose that Ramiz POSE – During this time even the famous Pout pose which is similar to Ramiz pose DIDN’T even exist when Ramiz started a similar like obsession.

Ramiz King ushered the Afghans into the new world order of using social media and the publication of one’s personal life and likeness type of videos online. This was the initial starting of the teenager, Ramiz.

Being not adaptable in that age of time Ramiz has entered but couldn’t maintain his likeness for long up until he started with entering with a new idea of Vines/comical skits – he once again used real-life scenarios and made it into a comedy skit. Afghans started laughing and liking his content along with Ramiz sister Rohina Rahimi.

Ramiz had found a new place and had his videos featured on big pages where it was viewed by millions.

Ramiz MTV hadn’t existed up until he went next level and took over all Afghans screens with his viral spectacular coverage of Aryana Sayed’s concert and proposal.

Superstar Aryana SAYEED made a big statement by allowing Ramiz King film her personal life and real moments because such work or behind the scenes of any Big star or artist had never been done. Afghans had never seen the uncontrolled behaviour of its people and stars other than the consciously aware filming of interviews and appearances on music shows.

Ramiz was given big support and boost when Hasib Sayed and Aryana declared it to be an honour to work with him as they followed his work from early young days of 2012 and were impressed with his build-up and current glow-up of his brand. Upon seeing Ramiz and his sister Rohina, finally, the other superstar couple decides to go public with their relationship and really accept their reality publicly as the time finally was made to come by influencers like Ramiz King. Proposal idea came after the met gala ball whereas Aryana SAYEED for the first time saw Ramiz, recognized the both sibling and questioned what is a GoPro and how he has the courage to film his normal daily talking and the happenings of his life. She was familiar with Ramiz but still unfamiliar with GoPros and the idea of Reality TV. Source on YouTube under #LATR – Aryana SAYEED Australia Gala / you can view it online.

The next day from the Met Gala, Ramiz had uploaded his Gala episode online and it was shared by a big page and reached over 40K views overnight on YouTube. Aryana Fans and entire industry was shocked and finally liking the edit and idea of this and Ramiz King was finally placed and declared an A-lister Celebrity and officially birthed reality shows from his Vlog concept through associating with the Queen Aryana SAYEED. Ramiz was repeatedly chewing gum and didn’t cut that out as he is introducing an idea of reality where it is that you showcase what you really are and do to show the audience every real move and action you make for entertainment and self growth but audience attacked his flaws and started discussing every element of Ramiz and there it was introduced a new celebrity and genre.

A celebrity being famous for being themselves and a genre where you were a voyeur to the mistakes and success of a subject and You share your opinions on. The world was engaged and Throned along the mega superstar was these two Siblings, Ramiz and Rohina. Officially joining an alliance with the current only megastars of Afghan industry and Ramiz finally making Afghans entertained by his reality. Ramiz took over social media and made his point strong that he is here to become such a big Star that his presence caused a historical move to happen, the proposal of the most controversial relationship of Aryana and Hasib to finally come out in the open. You see here the mega superstar couple being inspired by Ramiz and Rohina to accept their reality and show it off to the world. Ramiz made a statement that his daily life, influence and presence can cause such an unexpected moment to happen then you only imagine what it be like for him to maintain his everyday life on TV. Ramiz King was taken seriously and strong infront of all tv channels and social media. One for his alliance, second for his new updated release of his idea and third he taught the Legend Aryana SAYEED a lesson of being open and managed garner attention apart from all the coverage of the superstars moments in met gala was meant to have by becoming the second major in focus subject of each episodes due to his Persona and Rohina’s beauty. Not everyone gets to showcase and be so close to the superstar couple who are followed by 1 million Afghans. You have to have something special in you to be able to create and be apart of something so unexpectedly Famous.

Ramiz King still hadn’t had a new official on TV debut with his new look and personality of an sophisticated adult until 2018 and ‘BaChashem’ came on air with big artists like Humayoon Shams Khan and Salem Shahin and took the title of the most funny and interesting concept of a show. Audio was played with by a team within the Channel who was against this idea and there still is today a party who fight passionately to stop people and ideas like RAMIZ and the one Eye entering Afghanistan. Ramiz is fought by Taliban and people within home network channel and others by a force of extremists of religion and continue working to kill Ramiz and his creating of new genres and works.

Controversial, In Focus & a creator is what Ramiz King is and has been introduced to Afghans but even today Ramiz is still not heavily supported by the public fully as he is a game-changing the industry and people hate the new, doesn’t mean he isn’t supported within the industry by mega superstars and holds associate and praise by an elite group of politicians and Artists. Follow @iamramizzz in changing his country people’s minds while growing loved and experienced with India and reaching new heights in his favourite country in the world, India and shining in Bollywood industry safely. Support Ramiz and wish him his safety as if Afghanistan destroys Ramiz, MTV India wouldn’t be MTV without him. Ramiz states his major loyalties and love is for India as they supported him when his own people turned their back on him. This is Ramiz King

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