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3 Best Songs Of BTS

BTS is one of the best South Korean bands, it is quite popular amongst the youth of the country and has earned millions of fans so far. Be it style or fashion or their songs, BTS has revelled us to the core. And today we are up with their 3 best songs so far, that would make you a fan, immediately.


DNA official MV has reached 1 billion views so far, it proves how exceptionally grand BTS group is and their songs. Released in 2017, September, even then the song never gets old, however.


IDOL, released in 2018, has earned 717million views so far. And not just the song, BTS boys rocked it with their grand dancing skills and others. We are loving their attitude altogether and the way they are holding their fashion updos in the video.


“Blood sweat and tears”, this music video has been one of the masterpieces by BTS. The video is extremely abstract and deep, we loved watching the video and of course, loved the song too. The video is proof that BTS is no wonder one of the versatile bands and group, who love to experiment with their work and craft.

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