Check Out Urfi Javed's male version dancing video in a trophy bralette and cello tape skirt, have a look

Watch: Urfi Javed's Male Version Dancing Video In Trophy Bralette And Cello Tape Skirt 785921

Urfi Javed is known for her timeless fashion sense. She always amazes people with her fashion. Urfi makes clothing styles out of things you would even think about. Urfi’s hot, bold, stylish, opaque clothes have always attracted attention. Urfi is always in the limelight due to this fashion. Trolls often target Urfi due to her fashion. In this way, the male version of Urfi has also come out.

Urfi’s male version is currently being discussed on social media. Many people have remembered Urfi after seeing the stylish and hot style of the young man who is currently in the news. The video, which is going viral, was posted on Instagram by an account named TikToker Tharun. Looking at the fashion sense of this person in many videos that surfaced on Instagram, it can be said that this person is a huge fan of Urfi Javed. In the viral video, the man is seen wearing an award and a dress made of tape.

The man is wearing a trophy paired with a cello tape mini skirt in the video. In the video, he captured himself doing a weird belly dance and showing his curved stance. In the latest video, he poses like a model. He shared the video and captioned it, “Latest fashion dress .”

In the comment section, all users posted a hilarious comment on this video; one user wrote, “and the oscar goes to .”

What’s your reaction to this unique outfit and dance video of Urfi Javed’s male version? Let us know your opinion in the comment below; stay tuned to for more masala updates.

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