IWMBuzz shows you some of the most gorgeous and aesthetic eyeshadow looks of Lady Gaga

Check Out! Lady Gaga’s Different Eyeshadow Looks

When it comes to the world of American music, Lady Gaga is one of the biggest names. What separates Lady Gaga from the rest of her contemporaries is her ability to constantly reinvent herself and her versatility as an artiste speaks volumes for itself. She isn’t just a fantastic singer but time and again, we have got to witness her acting skills as well. Some of her top-rated singles are Just Dance, Poker Face, Applause z Shallow, and Rain on Me.

Not just that, she’s even been honoured with the feat of Billboard’s Artist Of The Year and it’s a feat not many women have achieved earlier. Not just for her songs, Lady Gaga is that one personality who sets her own rules in the game of fashion and her USP has to be her colourful and aesthetic eyeshadow looks that make those pair of eyes even prettier. Several makeup artistes and beauty influencers have tried to imitate that art but very few have managed to do it as nicely as Lady Gaga herself. So ladies, today is the time for a bit of eye-makeup inspiration as we share with you some of Lady Gaga’s most aesthetic eyeshadow looks below. Check out –

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