IWMBuzz asks you who wore the black bodycon outfit better between Kareena Kapoor Khan & Kim Kardashian

Kareena Kapoor Khan VS Kim Kardashian In Black Bodycon Outfit: Who Wore It Better?

When it comes to the game of fashion, celebrities are always right there at the top. Also, do they even have an option of not to be? ‘Public figures’ as they are known, they are looked upon by millions for not just the way they are as a human being but also for what they wear and how they wear. ‘Celebrity fashion’ has become a term in itself and there’s absolutely no doubt about the fact that fans love to imitate their favourite celebrities. Well, two such celebrities who love to set major fashion goals in the West and in India are Kim Kardashian and Kareena Kapoor Khan. But guys, did you know that there was one such instance when Kim and Kareena ended up wearing the same dress, obviously on different occasions?

Well, it’s the famous body-tight black outfit with the black and gold-plated belt. The black body-tight outfit is one of the major go-to fashion styles for women who boast of a confident personality and the gold-plated belt adds to the charm and the waistline fashion. Add to the that, pairing it up with black or either black and golden stilettos completes the entire look. So guys, who got it better between the two? Check out the photos below and take your call –

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